Re: [PRD] ACTION-531 Update PRD examples complete

Gary Hallmark wrote:
> I propose that Christian has to buy us all a round for every time he 
> says or types "target audience" during tomorrows' telecon :-)

Are you suggesting that identifying, understanding and convincing one's 
target audience is unimportant wrt getting them to adopt one's 

I understood that you were merely convinced that making visible how 
close BLD and PRD really are, was more important (to our target 
audience) than using a syntax that would look familiar to PR people. 
Which made me come to the conclusion that we had different target 
audiences in mind, not that you simply did not think we had to convince 
our target audience...

Target audience! Target audience! Target audience... (I have only one 
head, but, stil... :-)


Received on Monday, 23 June 2008 19:09:24 UTC