Re: [PRD] PRD ch 2.1 review

Hi Paul,

Thanx again for the comments.
I corrected the typos. Other replies inlide below.

Paul Vincent wrote:
> No float or Boolean types? I know we have Atom defined later, but Id 
> have thought

The reason is that BLD does not require them. I remember that we decided 
on a short list to be required early on, on a provisional basis and that 
floats were left out of it for some reason; and we never really reviewed 
that list.

I do not remember for boolean, but I guess the reason why they are not 
on the list is the same: we excluded it from the first list because it 
was under discussion and we did not want that to stop us from publish a 
public draft, and we never came back to that discussion...

Do you want to raise that issue (whether floats should be required in BLD)?

> Typos: NnNot or NmNot?
> Explanation: would be good to link to an explanation of what this 
> actually means.

We might change the tag name to a more intuitive one (see agenda for 
tomorrow [1]).




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