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RuleML-2008: Call for Lightning / Highlight Talks & Fast Abstracts

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             2008 International RuleML Symposium
        on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2008)

           October 30-31, 2008, Orlando, Florida

Call for Lightning/Highlight Talks & Fast Abstracts

Lightning Talks
A lightning talk is a five-minute presentation on any topic of interest to
the RuleML community; it can be a new idea, a technology, an evaluation, an
observation, a complaint, an explanation, a suggestion, a report of success
or failure, a call to action, a description of a technique, or a lament. In
general, it is supposed to be a short visionary talk which should initiate
discussion. If you are a rule developer working on an exciting project and
you do not have the time to submit a full paper, Lightning talks are a
great way to interact with the RuleML community and receive feedback on
your ideas. Lightning talks are presented back-to-back with a strictly
enforced five minute limit, so make sure that you can fit your presentation
within this time span.

People interested at giving a lightning talk during RuleML-2008 should show
their their interest by sending an email to ruleml2008@easychair.org by
August 13, 2008, including a title and a 250-word abstract of their
intended talk.

Decisions will be notified by September 1st.

Highlight Talks

We invite the submission of outstanding full papers that have been
published between 2007 and the submission deadline (August 13,2008).
Publications that are "in press" and already linked on the journal web site
are also welcome. A group of experts will select the papers to be presented
at the meeting considering the impact of the work on the field, the
likelihood that the work makes a good presentation, and the relevance for
the topics of RuleML-2008, in general.

Submissions should be sent directly to the RuleML-2008 chairs at
ruleml2008@easychair.org by August 13, 2008, and must include the

* Name/affiliation/email of submitter (assumed to be the presenter; note
   that the presenter cannot change because the identity and ability to
   present of that person will be an essential selection criterion).
* Names/affiliations/email of ALL coauthors (note: any name appearing on a
   published paper has to be added here). Note that all co-authors have to
   agree to the submission and that it is the responsibility of the
   submitter to guarantee that all co- author email addresses are correct
   (email notifications of the submission will be sent to all co-authors).
* Additional contact information (for presenter).
* A 250-word abstract-like argument that explains how the submitted
   paper(s) suit the goal of presenting highlights that impacted the field.
* Sources of original publication(s) (Year, Journal, Vol., pages).
* PDF with paper(s) (note: in case of the submission of 2 papers, both have
   to be merged into one single PDF; all reviews will be based on the
   content of this PDF).
* Optional: link to Google Video demonstrating presentation skills of
* Note that we will need PDF submissions; the system will neither be able
   to handle ASCII, nor Word, nor LaTeX, nor anything other than standard
   PDF. It is the responsibility of the submitter to verify that the PDF is
   completely viewable/printable by all major operating systems (LINUX,
   MacOS, Windows).
* Each presenter can submit a maximum of one application to present a
   highlight. The maximal number of submissions per author/co-author is 5.

All submissions will be evaluated by a group of reviewers.
Reviewers will consider the following criteria:

* Relevance, interest, and value of the topic to RuleML-2008 attendees,
* Impact of the paper(s) on rules (while the impact of papers on science is
   not fully reflected by ISI/Google-like impact factors or high number of
   downloads, high values in such factors will clearly stand as a strong
   argument for acceptance),
* "Presentability" of the work to a large, diverse audience,
* Quality of oral presentations by the submitter (if none).

These "soft" criteria attempt to capture the underlying concept, namely the
presentation of exciting and thought-provoking seminars that will both
contribute to the success and attraction-value of RuleML-2008 and to the
impact the meeting has on advancing rule interchange and applications. The
criterion of "presentability" accounts for the fact that some papers that
will completely change the field, or will become citation records may not
translate to exciting seminars.

The selected Highlights will be presented in a special track during the
RuleML-2008 Symposium. All presentations will have to be completed within
20 minutes and will be followed by 5-minute discussions. While presenters
are expected to focus mostly on the chosen paper(s), short infusions of
more recent data are welcome.

Decisions will be notified by September 1st.

Fast Abstracts

Fast Abstracts at RuleML-2008 are short presentations, either on new ideas
or work in progress, or radical opinions that can address any issue
relevant to RuleML-2008. Fast Abstracts provide an opportunity to receive
early feedback from the community. Contributions are particularly solicited
from industrial practitioners and academics that may not have been able to
prepare full papers, but seek an opportunity to engage with the RuleML

Fast Abstracts should be 4-pages long, and must be formatted in LNCS format
The submission deadline is August 13, 2008.
Submissions should be sent directly by email to ruleml2008@easychair.org,
and they will be refereed on the relevance to RuleML 2008, but also on
their novelty of idea and/oor on their capacity to stimulate and intrigue
the reader. Accepted contributions will be published in electronic form (at
the Symposium's Web site and on CD), and an author will deliver a short
talk in the Fast Abstracts track at the conference. Decisions will be
notified by September 1st. Authors of accepted fast abstracts must provide
the camera ready version by September 15. At least one author of each
accepted Fast Abstract is expected to register to the conference before or
on September 15.


The RuleML-2008 Symposium

Collocated with the 11th International Business Rules Forum, the 2008
International Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2008)
is the second symposium (after last year's highly successful RuleML-2007 -
http://2007.ruleml.org/) devoted to work on practical distributed rule
technologies and rule-based applications which need language standards for
rules operating in the context of, e.g., the Semantic Web, Intelligent
Multi-Agent Systems, Event-Driven Architectures and Service-Oriented
Computing Applications. The RuleML symposium is a new kind of event where
the Web Rules and Logic community joins the established, practically
oriented Forum of the Business Rules community (
http://www.businessrulesforum.com) to help cross- fertilizing between Web
and Business Logic technology.

The goal of RuleML-2008 is to bring together rule system providers,
representatives of, and participants in, rule standardization efforts
(e.g., SBVR, RuleML, RIF, PRR, CL) and open source rules communities (e.g.,
jBoss Rules, CLIPS/Jess, Prova, OO jDrew, Mandarax, XSB, XQuery),
practitioners and technical experts, developers, users, and researchers.
They will be offered an exciting venue to exchange new ideas, practical
developments and experiences on issues pertinent to the interchange and
application of rules in open distributed environments such as the Web.

The Symposium gives emphasis on practical issues such as technical
contributions and show case demonstrations of effective, practical,
deployable rule-based technologies, rule interchange formats and
applications as well as discussions of lessons learned that have to be
taken into account when employing rule-based technologies in distributed,
(partially) open, heterogeneous environments. We also welcome groundwork
that helps to build an effective, practical, and deployable rule standard,
improve rule technology, provide better understanding of the integration
and interchange of rules, and make the current generation of rule engines
and rule technology more usable for advanced Web and Service Oriented

RuleML-2008 Highlights

* Keynote speakers:
   o Michael Kifer (State University of New York at Stony Brook), on WC3's
     Rule Interchange Format (RIF). Joint keynote between RuleML-2008 and
   o David Luckham (Stanford University, USA) on complex event
   o Paul Haley (Haley Systems, Inc) on business rules.
   o Benjamin Grosof (Vulcan, Inc.) on the SILK KRR system of the
     HALO project.
* Joint Lunch Panel held in conjunction with the co-located Business Rules
   Forum on "Rules on the Web".
* Lightning talks/Highlight talks
* A RuleML-2008 Challenge with prizes to demonstrate tools, use cases, and
* Industry, demo and scientific research & development papers and
   presentations advancing and assessing the state of the art in event and
   rule-based systems selected in a peer-reviewed fashion by an
   international program committee.
* Papers will be published as a Springer LNCS proceedings. A special issue
   (IEEE TKDE pending) will be forthcoming.
* Social events to promote networking among the symposium delegates in an
   informal setting.


Due to a number of requests we have decided to extend
the submission deadline for challenge/demo papers by 2 weeks.

       NEW deadline for challenge/demo paper submission: July 2

Accepted demo papers are published in Springer LNCS Proceedings.

RuleML-2008 Challenge

The RuleML-2008 Challenge is one of the highlights of RuleML-2008. It
addresses the system demonstration for practical use of rule technologies
in distributed and/or Web-based environments. The focus of the challenge is
on rule technologies (including rule languages and engines), interoperation
and interchange. The challenge offers participants the chance to
demonstrate their commercial and open source tools, use cases, and
applications. Prizes will be awarded to the two best applications. All
accepted demos will be presented in a special Challenge Session.

Submissions to the RuleML Challenge 2008 consist of a demo paper (up to 8
pages), describing the demo show case, and a link to more information about
the demo/show case, e.g. a project site, an online demonstration, a
presentation, or a download site. Demo papers should contain a substantial
presentation of the system to enable a proper evaluation of the techniques
used. The content of papers should be sufficiently substantial for
publication in the conference proceedings. The demo paper should be
submitted through EasyChair, while the demo link should be submitted
through the Challenge Website, after which it will be publicly available

NEW deadline for challenge/demo paper submission: July 2

More details in: http://2008.ruleml.org/challenge.php


Co-located with:

          The 11th International Business Rules Forum
Sponsored by:

Gold level  : Vulcan Inc
Silver level: Model Systems
Bronze level: STI Innsbruck, ruleCore, JBoss

Sponsoring opportunities: http://2008.ruleml.org/sponsoring/
In Co-operation with:

AAAI, W3C, BPM-Forum, Business Rules Forum , ECCAI, OASIS, OMG,
Dallas Rules Group, Belgium Business Rules Forum,
MIT Sloan CIO Symposium,
IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics Society
IEEE SMCS TC on Intelligent Internet Systems
IEEE SMCS TC on Distributed Intelligent Systems
IEEE Computer Society TC on Autonomous and Autonomic Systems
Media Partners:
                   Springer LNCS, MoDo Marketing
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