UCR examples in dialect independent presentation syntax

I updated all examples in UCR so that they use ":-" to describe rules in a
dialect independent representation syntax.

If we find a better sign or way to describe rules in an independent format,
I will change it again. Currently, ":-" seems to be a good solution as it is
part of a well-known ISO standard.

The main idea is that the rule examples are presented in a neutral
presentation syntax which can be mapped into the concrete presentation
syntax of a dialect (e.g. BLD or PRD) or directly serialized in the concrete
XML syntax of a dialect.

I keep noting that RIF should be a general interchange format, i.e.
interchange between different rule engines should be possible, too, e.g.
between a production rule engine and a derivation rule engine. For typical
business rules and policies this is often feasible. 


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I completed Action-523 "Update UCR to reflect resolutions in today's
meeting" and updated all requirements according to our resolutions.

- Adrian

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