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rif publications -- urgent for editors

From: Sandro Hawke <sandro@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 01:56:11 -0500
To: public-rif-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <10631.1229583371@ubuhebe>

I was hoping to publish later today, but it'll require some work from
editors, especially of Core and PRD, as detailed below....

In general, everyone please look at these snapshots:


In each one, there's a link to a "color-coded diff".  Please make sure
that is sensible.

For each one, there is also a color-coded diff against the wiki version,
which has the name "diff-from-wiki", added to the above URLs.
These shouldn't show much of anything, except header and footer stuff,
and some unicode stuff may appear to be deleted and added, because the
encoding is different.

For UCR, DTB, and PRD -- Can you give me a 1 or 2 sentence highlight of
what changed or is interesting of this version, to use in publicity and
the SOTD?   (I think I know it for Core and Test).

Link checking problems:   (the line-number are to the HTML of the

   404  http://www.w3.org/2007/rif-prolog-builtin-function
   404  http://www.jdrew.org/rif/core/

   MANY MANY broken links to BLD
    Broken fragments and their line numbers:
        def-sem-preserving-map-from: 440
        def-sem-preserving-map-to: 439
        ex-rif-bld-namedargs-pres-syntax: 377
        sec-xml-core: 387
        ex-rif-bld-cond-pres-syntax: 369
        part-rule-language: 375
        ptr-closed-rif-condform: 446
        part-condition-language: 368
        ex-RIF-condition-serialization: 390
        ex-rif-bld-annotatedgroup-pres-syntax: 376
        ex-rif-bld-rule-pres-syntax: 376
        ex-RIF-doc-with-annotation-serialization: 391 
   This is a mess.   I don't know how we can publish....   Maybe we
   should take all these links out for now, until we're ready to publish

   Self-link broken:
   Broken fragments and their line numbers:
       def-bld-lang: 312

   No problems

    Many broken links to itself.
    Broken fragments and their line numbers: They need to be fixed!
        def-group: 1885
        sec-overvieq: 1687
        def-prd-rule: 3161, 3172, 3178, 3200, 3209
        def-fre_var_action: 1721
        def-prd-group: 3271
        sec-satisfaction-of-a-condition: 1565
        sec-interpretation-of-formulas: 949, 959
        sec-PICK: 417
        sect-atomic: 2827
        ref-rif-dtb: 493, 817, 865, 985, 995, 1046, 1054 
     (these can be checking with ,checklinks)
    Should be "example.com" not "examples.com"

    Some broken links to itself:
    Broken fragments and their line numbers:
        ref-importProfile-prop: 475, 507
        ref-manifest-prop: 684 

That's what I've found so far...

    -- Sandro
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