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Technologies for Smart Cities 2016

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First Workshop on "Technologies for Smart Cities"
Colocated with the Fifth International Conference on the Future 
Generation Communication Technologies (FGCT 2016)
Luton, (near London). UK
August 17-19, 2016
(Technically co-sponsored by IEEE UK & Ireland)

Smart cities enable to improve the traditional networks and services to 
become more efficient with the use of digital and telecommunication 
technologies, for the benefit of its inhabitants and community. Smart 
technologies lead to transform disparate data collected from machines, 
embedded systems, and sensors around the city or and turn it into valued 
information that helps make the community safe, economically viable and 
more efficient. Using this information can help drive improvements to 
the way we manage our services. Smartly interconnected platforms make it 
easier for people to securely connect and share vital information in 
real time. This powerful capability supports intelligent action in the 
moment and better-informed decision making for the long term.

Thus technologies play a signicant role in the transformation of smart 
cities. The proposed workshop will address such technologies that 
include but not necessarily the following-

Networks and Advanced Communications
Internet of Things (IoT)
Cyber Security and Privacy
Open-data initiatives
Parking apps
Dynamic kiosks for real-time information
Mobile payments
Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology
Self Service Models
Smart Applications
Intelligent Transport Systems

All presented papers in the conference will be published in the 
proceedings of the conference and submitted to the IEEE Xplore Digital 

The workshop is co-located with the main conference.

Important Dates

Submission of Papers: 	June 01, 2016
Notification of Acceptance:	July 01, 2016
Camera Ready:	August 01, 2016
Registration:	August 01, 2016
Conference Dates:	August 17-19, 2016
The selected papers after extension and modification will be published 
in many peer reviewed and indexed journals.

  Journal of Computer and System Sciences/ (ISI/Scopus)
  Journal of Digital Information Management (Scopus/EI)
  International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering  (Scopus 
and EI Indexed)
  Decision Analytics
  International Journal of Big Data Intelligence
  International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences (Scopus/EI)
  International Journal of Management and Decision Making (Scopus/EI)
  International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences
  International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems (Scopus/EI)
Journal of Electrical Systems
Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

General Chair

Ezendu Ariwa, University of Bedfordshire, UK

Programme Chairs

Carsten Maple, University of Bedfordshire, UK
Yong Yue, University of Bedfordshire, UK
Hathairat Ketmaneechairat, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, 

Submissions at http://www.socio.org.uk/fgct/paper-submission/
Conference email: fgct@socio.org.uk
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