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RE: Comments: OWL 2 RL in RIF FPWD

From: Michael Schneider <schneid@fzi.de>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 16:49:29 +0100
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To: "Dave Reynolds" <dave.e.reynolds@googlemail.com>
Cc: <public-rif-comments@w3.org>
Hi Dave!

A few minor things remain. Please see below!

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>Subject: Re: Comments: OWL 2 RL in RIF FPWD

>> * 4.4.3, "Type checking", all translations: The "OWL 2 RL in RIF"
>document always uses the positive predicates "pred:is-literal-DATATYPE",
>but I think it should be the negative forms "pred:is-literal-not-
>DATATYPE" according to §4.3 of RIF DTB. Also, the negative forms should
>again only receive a single argument, not two. So I guess the correct
>form would be something like (for xsd:integer):
>>        Forall ?lt (
>>          rif:error() :- And (
>>            ?lt[rdf:type->xsd:integer] External(pred:is-literal-not-
>integer( ?lt )) ))
>> Mind the changed triple "?lt[rdf:type->xsd:integer]"!
>Part of same problem as above, fixed.

technical/minor: There is still the redundant variable "?dt" after "Forall" in all translations. While probably technically harmless, this should be removed to avoid confusion.

>> ========================
>> * 4.4.2, last paragraph: "... which include owl:sameAs ...".
>"owl:sameAs" should be rendered in typewriter font.

editorial/trivial: The name of the translation should then better also reflect the name of the datatype; currently it is still "(* dt-type1-text *)" instead of something like "(* dt-type1-plainliteral *)".

>> * Alignment of variable names between original OWL 2 RL rules and
>their translations: I suggest to reuse the variable names of the
>original rule set wherever possible. This is currently not always the
>case in the draft. For example, in 4.3.1 the translation of the rule eq-
>diff2 uses the name "?r" for what the original rule uses "?x", and the
>translation uses itself "?x", but for something different. And the
>translation of eq-diff3 uses again a different name "?a" instead of "?r"
>before (and "?x" in the original rule). This is confusing and makes it
>unnecessarily hard to compare the original rules with the translations.
>Mostly the use of variables does correspond since the translation was
>mechanical. The "list" rules are the main exception where manual
>intervention was required, not least to cope with the hidden variables
>that are implicit in the notation from OWL Profiles. In manually writing
>those rules I found it easier to use semi-mnemonic names (?l for the
>list etc). However, since you say this caused you a problem then I have
>changed those particular cases.

Now it turned into a technical issue. ;-) You seem to have introduced a typo in (* prp-adp *), near "Forall": ">v" instead of "?v".


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