W3C HTML Fork without Digital Restriction Management


before this group eventually gets closed down...

The old blahblah: In my opinion, most of the official chairs accept 
Digital Restriction Management as a necessary evil, that can bring good 
to many "artists" Completely understandable from the Viewpoint, that we 
already have some binary blobs like Flash which are a not so optimal 
solution in terms of creating and delivering content free of 
discrimination(like having or not having much money)... but hey never 
mind, i guess we heard a lot of that already.

Back to the subject: What about establishing an official "branded" 
alternative to the W3 that gives a clear message? To let people 
accessing the web everywhere know, if it is safe - in terms of: one can 
go to tons of source code - to view something that meets certain 
requirements, because there is no 
confidential/restricted/proprietary/potentiallyevil Code involved?

For example an alternative DOCTYPE and namespace which is based upon the 
works of the W3C until the political / non-political decision to accept 
digital restriction management, as a topic to be worked upon, from the 
chairs was made?

Or in programmers terms: a fork? (maybe with some later added specs from 
the W3C)

With this, you can easily seperate the good, bad and hopefully the ugly 
:) as well by viewing the topmost part of a document. So the chairs that 
support restrictions can have their way and the public, concerned about 
that, can have their way in a clean labelled fashion.

Maybe this can direct some of the attention away from some of the 
discussions here, which are politically absolutely important, but 
somehow not very promising and enlightening. That attention could be 
well used to establish a nice alternative W3C fork :) thus creating 
something, which is my personally preferred way to deal with such 

markus demmel

Received on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 15:04:41 UTC