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That's related to some of my thoughts too. Here's what I'm currently
thinking about instances like this... Most likely a system that has that
much content would be utilizing a CMS, if that's the case it might be a
good idea to have additional images to be uploaded and use conditionals on
the client-side to determine if picture/@srcset are necessary. But in
regards to content like homes (exteriors/interiors), most likely you will
not be swapping out images due to viewport size but you will want to use
optimized images. We still have quite some time before true bandwidth
detection from the browser is able to be used, so solutions for
optimization will most likely happen on the server-side through a service
as you mentioned.

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> Hi Jason,
> Just to add a note about Real Estate Websites. You say about a Website
> with 800,000 images...
> Imagine Real Estate Websites with 100,000 (or more!) Listings. Each
> Listing with 15 images. Each image with its correspondent thumbnail. The
> total: 3 million image files. There are thousands of Real Estate Websites
> around the world living with a total of image files even greater.
> For now, we are recommending our Real Estate clients to use services like "
>" or "" with a browser detection script.
> "Plan for the fact that whatever you implement will be deprecated"...  We
> are not reconsidering it! :)
> A note, Flexmls says "Hot-link our photos whenever able":
> []s
> Eduardo Marques
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> Subject: What are the chances of syntax changes?
> Last year I wrote an article with eight guidelines and one rule for
> responsive images:
> The one rule was "Plan for the fact that whatever you implement will be
> deprecated".
> I've incorporated these guidelines and the rule into presentations. Now
> that picture is arriving in browsers, I'm reconsidering these guidelines
> and the rule.
> In particular, I'm trying to get a sense of how likely it is that the
> syntax for picture might change.
> I still believe there are tremendous benefit to centralizing the handling
> of images and image markup. But it no longer seems a certainty that things
> will change. If anything, it seems more likely that picture will continue
> as spec'd.
> I'd love to hear from someone with more perspective on the lifecycle of
> standards about how confident we should feel that picture will stay as
> currently spec'd. Is it common that features like this get tweaked a little
> in the future as people start using them and an oversight is found? Should
> we still be hedging our bets a little? Or does it seem extremely unlikely
> to change at this point?
> Thank you,
> Jason
> P.S. I'm not trying to spread FUD about picture. I'm pushing for people to
> implement picture. It's a question about to what risk a company might have
> putting the picture element on hundreds of html pages and then finding that
> it needed to be updated because the spec changed slightly or something like
> that.

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