Re: respimages js - a new responsible polyfill for responsive images (picture + srcset)

That looks fantastic Alex! I look forward to testing it later, but for the
moment, it certainly seems like a very positive polyfill. Agree about
Chrome, it's a shame, but will this change? Not sure anyone can have an
answer to this at the moment.


On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 9:06 PM, Alexander Farkas <>

>  I just wanted to share my new project respimages (
> with you. In short:
> It's a heavily refactored and bugfixed version of picturefill, while it
> has some new features and a lot of improvements. There are 2 conceptual
> main differences to picturefill:
> 1. src attribute is recommended
> respimages uses some image data loading best practices to compensate the
> problem of doubble requests in polyfilled browsers. As it turns out it's
> not just a compensation, it can be really a speed boost ;)
> 2. smarter candidate selection
> Due to the fact, that the polyfill is run in an unknown enviroment
> (unknown bandwidth, cpu, battery, user preferences and so on), I'm trying
> to calculate the tradeoff of loading too much image data vs. too less image
> data.
> About both things, I wrote a little bit more, which you can find here:
> Additionally, I made a simple proof of conept/performance demo, which yu
> can find here:
> In case you find bugs, want to help out or simply want to use it or give
> some feedback, you are always welcome. (
> While working on this "smarter candidate selection", I came to the
> believe, that also implementers, which even know they are in a
> highbandwidth enviroment should make some "smarter" candidate selection.
> For my article, I constructed the following "worst case" example:
> and was very sad about how Chrome
> chooses the best candidate. Really hope such cases will be addressed. Or is
> it useless hoping?
> Regards,
> Alexander Farkas


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