Use Cases, Use Counters, and Stickers

It’s Cyber Monday, the newsletter’s late, and I am full of 
tryptophan and gratitude

## Element Queries progress

We at the RICG are simultaneously working to both cleanly define the 
*problems* that element queries aim to solve, while also getting our 
hands dirty experimenting with a particular possible *solution*.

On the problem definition front — [it has come to our 
that the use cases doc has heretofore gotten a teensey-weensie bit ahead 
of itself, by proposing a specific solution rather than cleanly, simply, 
and thoroughly defining the problem at hand. Mat took [a first pass at 
cutting the 
but work remains to be done.

The [responsive images use cases 
document]( served as a rock and a 
guiding light through the three-year onslaught of failed respimg 
proposals. We need, above all else as we embark on this journey, a 
strong use cases doc. Help us write one.

Simultaneously, the RICG is taking a stab at realizing a proposed 
solution. Johnathan Neal has a functional (totally experimental, and 
never-to-be-supported) [element query 
prototype]( up 
and running. Johnathan’s repo is a hacky little glimpse of one 
possible EQ ending, right here at the beginning of our story, which we 
can use to concretely explore the problem space, [write 
demos](, and provide 
feedback that will inform EQ work going forward. Huzzah!

## [Picturefill 2.2 hit 

And we’re going to need more hands on keyboards to get 2.3 out the 
door. Mat wrote an eloquent plea 

## Speaking of Mat writing eloquently

True story: I drove 602 miles to Kansas City a fortnight ago to be a 
best man in a wedding and only *then* did it dawn on me that I 
wouldn’t be able to write both a toast and a newsletter before Friday. 
Oops. Mat bailed me out — [in fine 
Thanks, Mat.

## Respimg deployment is spiking

A while back I got pretty excited about adding use 
counters for responsive image features. I did so in anticipation of 
being able to show you 
responsive image markup adoption is surging like a bat out of 

## Hey, RICG stickers!

There are [RICG 
stickers](! Stuff 
stockings accordingly.

## Leftovers

I always loved a good turkey sandwich.

- Jason Grigsby will be talking respimg at An Event Apart in both 
[Seattle]( and 
- [Mat will be speaking about respimg, 
too]( – at Bocoup on 
December 17th in Boston.
- Steven Bradley over at Vanseo design has been on fire recently, 
posting a [series of great 
posts]( about the new 
respimg features, culminating in [this nifty 
- Emil Björklund threw up [a little JSBin]( 
which shows and tells the benefits of using `picture` to deliver WebPs 
with JPEG fallbacks.
- Jonathan Hollin [wrote up his personal respimg 
which uses [Hazel]( to automatically 
generate variously-sized sources and a markup snippet as soon as the 
images are dropped in a folder.
- ScientiaMobile wrote [an 
explaining the thinking behind their new (device-detection-centric) 
server-side auto-resizer, which stirred up some 
- Finally, [this is in German so I can’t read 
(but it looks mighty fine!).

See you in a couple of weeks!


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