Re: What do we do with picture?

I was under impression that the simplified, stateless selection algorithm 
solved problems vendors had with <source> - it should be as easy to 
implement as attributes, or even easier as there's no microsyntax parsing 

Proposals based on <img> have disadvantage of breaking existing scripts 
that rely on Image.src (I haven't seen any attempts to make that backwards 
compatible with things like Masonry's imagesLoaded functionality), so 
<picture> has an advantage of having a clean break.

And finally srcN is an eye-sore (I like the functionality, but it's clearly 
a compromise on syntax).

Merge good bits of srcN spec, make simplified <source> selection official 
and push vendors to implement that!

regards, Kornel

Received on Friday, 18 October 2013 09:53:17 UTC