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CFC - Use Cases and Requirements for Standardizing Responsive Images"

From: Marcos Caceres <w3c@marcosc.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 18:51:15 +0100
To: public-respimg@w3.org
Message-ID: <EF4F5047440E4AC496E587E564ABECF8@marcosc.com>
Dear RICG Members, 

This is a Call For Comments for the first draft of the "Use Cases and Requirements for Standardizing Responsive Images": 


We would like to formally invite everyone in the CG to comment on the document linked to above. Particularly, we would like to ask for 3-5 volunteers to formally peer-review the draft.   

The document is important in that it serves as the basis for either the standardization of <picture> or making sure img@srcset meets the RICG requirements. 

Please take the time to review the document *carefully*. If you find any issues please file them here:

In particular, please let us know if: 

 * the use cases have been properly described?  
 * are all the requirements listed? 

This is a first draft, and there will be typos, grammatical issues, etc. Help us fix those! Contributions of images, diagrams, etc. to help better explain the use cases are welcomed. 

Once the review is complete, we will formally send the document to the HTMLWG and WHATWG for discussion. The document will represent the formal consensus of the RICG on the matter of responsive images (which is why it is important that you read it and participate in making it awesome!). 

We would like to complete the review by the 18th of October. 

In case you are wondering, the RICG is still working on a separate (<picture>-based) solution to address the requirements. However, we need to make sure we have nailed down the use cases and requirements first - just in case <picture> is not accepted and img@srcset becomes the standard (in any case, our use cases and requirements will hopefully be addressed by some specification!).

Kind regards,

Marcos Caceres
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