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Re: Does RDFa processing recurse into content:encoded?

From: Toby Inkster <tai@g5n.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 09:14:29 +0000
To: Stephane Corlosquet <scorlosquet@gmail.com>
Cc: Richard Cyganiak <richard.cyganiak@deri.org>, Public RDFa <public-rdfa@w3.org>, Michael Hausenblas <michael.hausenblas@deri.org>, Lin Clark <lin.clark@deri.org>, Tobias Wunner <tobias.wunner@deri.org>
Message-ID: <1265706869.27114.9.camel@ophelia2.g5n.co.uk>
On Mon, 2010-02-08 at 15:16 -0500, Stephane Corlosquet wrote:
> This is correct and was brought in a previous thread. In fact we've
> added this content:encoded mapping knowingly. However, despite the
> fact this is not part of the RDFa specs, some parsers could ignore
> this restriction and try to parse the content of this rdf:XMLLiteral.
> I don't think there is any problem with that? expect convincing RDFa
> parsers developers :D

As an RDFa parser developer, I don't expect to add such a feature. It's
a violation of the RDFa syntax specification, and if I were to change
how I parsed XMLLiterals, it would cause me to fail the RDFa test suite.
(I assume it would - if not, then there's a test that needs adding!)

Drupal could add datatype="" to the element with
property="content:encoded". This would allow parsers to recurse within
it, however at the expense of creating a plain literal rather than an

Toby A Inkster
Received on Tuesday, 9 February 2010 09:15:11 UTC

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