xmlns:XXX error in HTML5? (ISSUE-126)


this is one of our open issues and the pending question was whether the usage of @xmlns:XXX in HTML5 is an error or not. I have talked to Mike Smith, here is what he said. Usage of @xmlns:XXX is not called out explicitly as an error in HTML5. But it is an error due to the fact that HTML5 does not treat @xmlns:XXX specially; it is an attribute that is not defined for HTML5. As a consequence, using @xmlns:XXX is an error just as using @foo is an error because @foo has not beed defined neither as a global attribute nor as a local attribute for any particular element.

That is good enough for me to resolve ISSUE-126 as accepting @xmlns:XXX as an error in HTML5+RDFa (actually, not only for a validator, but in general).


P.S. B.t.w., when SVG is part of HTML5, namespaces cannot be used either, ie, what is xlink:href in the traditional SVG, is simply href in HTML5+SVG

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Received on Monday, 29 October 2012 14:40:38 UTC