Re: Test 0121 / Safe Cure [] in @about

On 04/30/2012 08:13 PM, Alex Milowski wrote:
> B. if a resource is present identified by the resolved value of the
> "about" attribute.
> For this test case to be correct, it must be (B).

That is correct. Shane added some editorial text to Section 7.4 of RDFa
Core 1.1 to clarify this case:

NOTE: A related consequence of this is that when the value of an
attribute of this datatype is an empty SafeCURIE (e.g., @about="[]"),
that value does not result in an IRI and therefore the value is ignored.

You can view the change here:

This means that out of these processing steps:

  * by using the resource from @about, if present, obtained according
    to the section on CURIE and IRI Processing;
  * otherwise, if the element is the root element of the document, then
    act as if there is an empty @about present, and process it according
    to the rule for @about, above;
  * otherwise, if parent object is present, new subject is set to the
    value of parent object.

The first rule doesn't match because the CURIE [] does not result in an
IRI, and thus the about="[]" is ignored, the second rule doesn't match
because we're not on the root element, so the third rule matches.

We will get an official response back to you by tomorrow after the
telecon, however, if you're happy with this editorial change please
respond to this e-mail and let us know as soon as possible as we're
under a very tight deadline. If you are not happy with the change,
please let us know exactly why.

-- manu

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