The minor issues before the PR

Manu et al.,

we will have our PR transition call tomorrow, Wed, 2 May. Hopefully the director will give a green light for the publication of the PR which has been set, with the webmaster to the Tuesday, 8 May, i.e., one week for now. By then, *all* changes to the documents must be frozen, editorial or otherwise.

Based on the discussion of the past few days, here are the purely editorial changes that did come up as part of the last CR day, as well as the chair's comments:

- Introductory text clarification on RDFa Lite (Liam Quin [1])
- Clarification on the meaning of @about="[]" (Alex Milowski, [2])
- Spelling out the case of empty list generation (Alex Milowski and Gregg Kellogg, [3,4])

I do not see any of those being particularly complicated; I would actually think the editors could all take care of those directly. Except that... I have my hands full for the coming few days (eg, with AC Meeting preparation issues), ie, I am not sure I can contribute to the editorial work in the coming few days.

But... the good news is that we are then done!

Just for the sake of completeness, we also have four open issues for (X)HTML5+RDFa (which do not affect the current PR transition):

- Can use of xmlns be reported as an error for HTML5+RDFa 1.1 (ISSUE-126) [5]
- Stéphane's issue on the @property+@rel situation (ISSUE-135) [6]
- Normative  declaration for media types (ISSUE-137) [7]
- XHTML5 processing of xml:base (ISSUE-139) [8]

I think that, before the steam runs out, we should decide on those, too, so that the implementation could be updated... 




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