Test 0218 : empty lists

I don't see how you get the triple:

   <> rdf:value rdf:nil .

from the content

<div about="">
    <p rel="rdf:value" inlist="">

In step 14, of Section "7.5 Sequence", the algorithm has you
generating blank nodes for each item in the list.  You have nothing in
your list so you generate no blank nodes.

Then the last triple is the subject, the full IRI of the local list
mapping associated with this list, and the first item of your blank
node array.  Since you have no items, there is nothing to map.  Step
14 says nothing about using rdf:nil it that situation.

That said, using rdf:nil would make sense.  To do so, the object should say:

   "first item of the ‘bnode’ array or, if that does not exist,

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