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I had a quick look at it already (G+...:-) and I think this goes way too far in stripping down RDFa. The removal of @prefix, I think, would be a mistake. So would be the removal of @datatype. 

The question is what is what we want to achieve. If the goal is to reproduce the examples and only marginally more, then of course that is fine, although MD is also fine, isn't it? But if I want, say, to mix my personal home page with the generation of a foaf file, and I do more than just trivial statements, then this would break down (and so would MD, essentially). Similarly, if I want to use an HTML file to be both the documentation and the definition of a vocabulary (not a stand alone, isolated vocabulary, but one that would rely and refer to other vocabularies), then again we are out. These are all genuine use cases that RDFa is supposed to serve. MD does not serve those (nor did then intend to, so that is understandable).

Also: we seem to have thrown out profiles, including default profiles. This means that yet another use case, namely the acceptance of FB statements, has gone down the drain (that was the main motivation for default profiles, wasn't it?)

So... I am not sure what this level would achieve...


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> at seeing what an RDFa+Microdata mix might be like:

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