Re: DRAFT2: RDF Web Applications WG Position on RDFa/Microdata Task Force

Dear all,

I'm mostly +1-ing each of the paragraphs, however, stumbled upon the
closing paragraph:

> It is advised that the TAG submit a formal objection or that the TAG
> submits a series of bugs for both HTML+RDFa and HTML+Microdata in
> addition to RDFa Core 1.1 in the RDF Web Apps WG.

While I'd support the TAG to submit a formal objection (as it marks a
clean cut), I see less value in "just" a couple of bugs being filed.
Now, I missed yesterday's telephone conference (sorry again), so most
probably this was discussed there. If you have indeed discussed this
question and have good reasons why bug filings might make sense as
well, please consider this email a +1 for submission. If others feel
need to still discuss the last paragraph, consider this email a
starting point for discussion.


Thomas Steiner, Research Scientist, Google Inc.,

Received on Friday, 8 July 2011 05:28:56 UTC