Re: RDFa DOM API feedback

On 07/02/11 17:03, Philip Jägenstedt wrote:
> I thought I'd take a look at
> <> and provide some
> feedback.

Hi Philip, unfortunately, this isn't the latest document, and should
probably be removed from source control. I had forgotten that it
existed. Here is the latest set of specs on the RDFa DOM API:

The RDFa API (Level 3):

The Structured Data API (Level 2):

The RDF Interfaces (Level 1):

Keep in mind that we've separated each layer such that a
developer/browser vendor could choose to just implement Level 3, or
Level 3 and Level 2, or just Level 1. At the moment, the Level 3 and
Level 2 stuff is a bit mixed together as we're in the middle of
rearranging the document contents. We can chat more about this during
our conversation tomorrow.

-- manu

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