LC comments on RDFa Core 1.1


I promised Manu feedback on RDFa Core 1.1 LC [1] and you can believe me that
I tried very hard to find major issues but failed (which is not surprising
given the long and hard work on this document ;)

So, overall the document reads very good and I think it is CR/PR ready. Some
minor comments, though, you might want to consider addressing:

+ Section "6. CURIE Syntax Definition": I think the second paragraph would
benefit from a rewording. The usage of '' and sentences such as "This
specification does not define a default 'no prefix' mapping." are somewhat
hard to digest. Further, the last paragraph:

Note that the resulting URI must be a syntactically valid IRI [RFC3987
<> ]. For a more
detailed explanation see CURIE and URI Processing
<> . Also
note that while the lexical space of a CURIE is as defined in curie
<>  above, the value
space is the set of IRIs.

... should, IMHO be at the very beginning of this section.

+ The Section "7.5 Sequence" says: "This specification defines processing
rules for optional  attributes that may not be present in all Host Languages
(e.g., @href)." --> I'd love to see a list of optional attribs somewhere in
the document (did I overlook this?)

+ IMHO, Section "8.3 Object resolution" would benefit from an overview
figure explaining the types of objects (you could reuse the "Diagram of RDF
Classes, Attributes, Methods and linkages." [2]).

Congrats to the editors and the entire WG for this solid work - looking
forward to see the REC!



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Received on Sunday, 5 December 2010 18:01:08 UTC