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there is no separate comment list; the reference in the document for comments is the WG mailing list...

But yes, this _is_ a last call comment, though I thought it is an editorial issue.

So, to make it clear, the question is what is the effect of @prefix="a: http://a.b a: http://c.d". In my original mail I said it should be left to right. But I since seemed to remember that we decided to have it right to left, ie, in my example, the result should be a->http://a.b. I tried to find a resolution in the mail archives, but I could not. However I did find this:

which led to a discussion thread on the relative priority within a @profile. This led to this resolution:

ie, left-most declaration wins. I have not found any resolutions related to @prefix. However, based on the the resolution we have already taken for @profile I would propose to define the same order for @prefix and that should be documented in RDFa 1.1 Core


On Dec 2, 2010, at 02:01 , Shane McCarron wrote:

> Since we are in last call, please submit this as a last call comment to the appropriate public list before the deadline.
> On 12/1/2010 6:16 PM, Toby Inkster wrote:
>> On Wed, 1 Dec 2010 11:21:55 +0100
>> Ivan Herman<>  wrote:
>>> @prefix="a: http://a.b a: http://c.d"
>>> will end in a->http://c.d
>>> However, I tried to locate this in the document and I could not...
>> That's what I do, but I agree we need to make this explicit as it's a
>> case that implementors will definitely need to handle.
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