Re: Operations on RDF datasets (ISSUE-111)


> As discussed in the call today, we need to decide whether to define any operations on RDF Datasets in the RDF Concepts document.
> There is a wiki page that lists some possible candidate operations, along with some discussion, pointers to possible definitions, etc.:
> The candidate operations listed there are:
> * Isomorphism
> * Union
> * Merge
> * Untrusting Merge
> * Equivalence
> * Entailment
> * Equality
> * Folding/Unfolding
> * Union Dataset and Merge Dataset
> Any opinions? In particular, arguments *for* including some of this stuff? Candidate definitions, etc.?

I am a bit concerned about reopening dataset semantics discussions here, but an argument for including some of this would simply be to specify the behavior of a store when loading a dataset serialisation (e.g. a TriG file) which imho is very desirable. Or at least an unambiguous way for such stores to explain what approach they're taking when loading a dataset. I think that would be covered by the union and merge operations. Perhaps there could be room for that in the dataset semantics note?


> Best,
> Richard

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