Proposal for marking rdf:HTML/XMLLiteral


In the interest of time I'm taking one of the proposals and suggest it 
as candidate resolution for tomorrow's telecon. Please note: we're not 
the first to struggle with this issue (to say the least); it's a problem 
that is dumped on us. .

My suggestion is to take one of Richard's last proposals [1, see option 2]:

PROPOSED: withdraw the resolution of last week, and (again) normatively
define the datatypes, but make *only* the value space and L2V space

Suggested wording; this should work both for rdf:HTML and for 

The lexical space
     is implementation-dependent.
The lexical-to-value mapping
     is Implementation-dependent.


Implementations may use the following approach for the lexical space and 
lexical-to-value mapping of this datatype. This approach depends on 
[DOM4], a specification that has not yet reached W3C Recommendation 
status, and is therefore not normatively required.

[details on lexical space and L2V mapping go here]



Received on Tuesday, 17 December 2013 23:28:47 UTC