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Re: multiple-graph example in the Primner

From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2013 14:54:29 -0500
Message-ID: <52A4CE75.70101@openlinksw.com>
To: public-rdf-wg@w3.org
On 12/7/13 2:47 PM, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> Andy Seaborne <andy@apache.org> wrote:
>> On 07/12/13 16:01, Sandro Hawke wrote:
>>> I'd propose it's the dataset (<>) that's the WebSource, not /bob
>> that's
>>> the WebSource.
>> Doesn't his mak eit more complicated in ways that are not the key point
>> at that place in the primer?
>> RDF is defined in terms of absolute URIs.  <> is concrete syntax only.
>> Either use full URIs or explain what <> is.  And explaining is another
>> level needed at a point when there is enough going on.
> I was thinking this bit didn't need to be explained in all its detail.    It could be easily done with a full URI ("for example, if the following document were published at http://example.org/ex1").
> Also, <> is an idiom that's incredible popular in turtle (and equivalent in other rdf syntaxes, like rdf: about="").   It's hard to imagine someone getting very far with RDF not knowing it.
>> If you want to talk about ways to write concretely things so they work
>> for practical matters like moving them about or referring to "nearby"
>> content, it needs to go elsewhere.
>> (Aside from the fact that you can have two trivially different URLs to
>> get to a document with <> which makes the whole thing messy in the
>> detail.)
> It seems to me the beauty of <> is that it works even when the trivial url differences crop up.   Reading it as "this document" glosses over the machinery very elegantly.
>      - Sandro


Absolute HTTP URIs lead to a lot of misconceptions about what's possible 
with RDF e.g., creation and publication of Linked Data on the Web.

Absolute HTTP URIs and Prefixes are basically styles that work 
stylistically for us (in this community) but actually confuse others. I 
already made this point about example 3 in the primer.

>> 	Andy



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