Re: Review of RDF/JSON

Andy Seaborne <> wrote on 08/13/2013 04:07:28 AM:

> Appendix A (MIME type registration) is "Normative" but we can't register 

> the MIME type because it is not a REC.
> (I am given to understand IETF will not consider a request from W3C 
> until a doc is at REC - hence I'm assuming that "NOTE" is insufficient". 

> Seems a bit heavy to me.)

Ok, I removed the "(Normative)" piece from this section title. The fact is 
that it only contains suggestions at this point so the notion of whether 
it's normative or not is moot.

>    Andy
> PS Use of "must"
> ==>
> All keywords defined in this document are case sensitive, and must be 
> lowercase.
> -- italic "must"
> ==>
> optional but if supplied it must not be empty
> -- not italic
> (personally, I'd drop the paragraph in sec 2 "The key words ..." because 

> the document does not use that style - the quotes above are the only use 

> of "must" I could find)

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