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Gregg Kellogg <> wrote on 08/12/2013 03:38:07 PM:

>     > 2/ It is strange to define this syntax exclusively in terms of the 

>     > serialization process. Would a serializer producing the same 
>     > but with a different algorithm, be compliant ? How would I know if 
>     > parser is compliant -- or does the notion of compliant parser even 

>     > makes sense for this note ?
>     > 
>     Good question. The JSON-LD folks ended up with two documents one 
>     that describes the syntax and the another that describes the 
>     transformation. Given that this is just a note we should try and 
>     keep it simple. 
>     Section 4 states that "an RDF/JSON document may be constructed using
>     the following algorithm " so this would  possibly allow for a 
>     different algorithm to be used. Yet, we somehow need to ensure the 
>     same mapping if we want to achieve any kind of interoperability.
> The reason for the two documents was not to separate processing from
> syntax, but to separate API from syntax. As JSON-LD has an extensive
> API we felt that it should not complicate the syntax spec, and RDF 
> serialization/parsing depends on other aspects of the API. For a 
> format that does not include other API methods, i believe it's 
> appropriate for them to be included in a single document. Note that 
> most RDF formats only describe parsing, and leave serialization 
> issues as an exercise for the reader.

That makes sense. Interestingly, I've now realized that the only normative 
section the spec contains is the description of the algorithm to transform 
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