JSON-LD Syntax and API updated

Hi all,

We have finished responding to all modifications to the JSON-LD Syntax
and JSON-LD API specifications as requested by a number of the members
of this WG. The issue responses can be found starting here (continue to
read down from each link as there were many more changes than would fit
on a single screen):


The latest version of the specifications can be found here:


Richard, Pat, EricP, DavidW, Gavin, and Guus - please ensure that we
responded to all of the concerns that you raised well enough that you
would support a FPWD of the current documents as-is.

Guus, David, could we have some time on the telecon this week to discuss
next steps with the documents? Perhaps at the start of the call or
towards the end of the call as I can't be there for the entire duration.
I believe we have 3 reviewers that should start reviewing the documents
above ASAP.

-- manu

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Received on Monday, 11 June 2012 04:22:15 UTC