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> 30/index.html#linked-data

A problematic excerpt from the document referenced above:

"A Linked Data document does not necessarily need to be expressed in 
JSON-LD. The notion of Linked Data is a concept independent of any given 
serialization format. In particular, any document based on an RDF 
serialization format is a Linked Data document."

It isn't accurate to assert that any RDF document is a Linked Data 
document, and here's why:
An RDF document doesn't have to be comprised of triple based content 
where each URI is dereferencable. There's nothing in the RDF spec that 
mandates that.

Linked Data, as per TimBL's meme, mandates de-referencable URIs.

RDF doesn't lose anything by being loosely coupled to the Linked Data 
concept. In a nutshell, loose coupling will suffice while mutually 
benefiting both RDF and Linked Data re., comprehension, appreciation and 



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