Re: JSON-LD terminology

On 8/27/12 1:25 PM, Gregg Kellogg wrote:
> Yes, we could add something that prohibits a key in a JSON-LD object from having the form of a BNode; I don't think this would really loose anything. The grammar in A.1 should say:
> [[[
> Keys are IRIs, compact IRIs, terms defined within the active context which MUST evaluate to absolute IRIs, or one of the following keywords
> ]]]
> or words to that effect.
> I would support removing that note, but I think the original came as a result of lobbying by Kingsley

Of what to you speak? Give me a link so I can put your comment in 
context that's easy for me to understand etc.

Whenever I use the word "Key" its in the context of a DBMS key, and 
typically when analogizing the effects of a Linked Data style of 
de-referencable URI.



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