graham's comment re IRI etc.

I am not sure if we are intending a formal response, my preference would 
be along the lines of:

a)  RDF 2004 has an explicit note anticipating the (then) forthcoming 
IRI spec (now RFC 3987)
b) Some current software, essentially ignoring that note, complies with 
RDF 2004 but not with the IRI spec (and allows spaces etc.)
c) The RDF 1.1 spec will, as chartered, align these two, and software 
that complies with RDF 1.1 will also comply with IRI; and yes 
implementations which wish to also support the older RDF spec may have 
some (not insurmountable) difficulty - e.g. be liberal with what you 
accept and conservative with what you publish


Received on Tuesday, 7 August 2012 13:50:06 UTC