Re: ISSUE-12 On languages and datatypes

I'm not advocating the use of datatypes for language tags because I 
think it's not the best solution, but...

Le 11/06/2011 19:11, Andy Seaborne a écrit :
> On 09/06/11 10:00, Jan Wielemaker wrote:
>> Mapping @<lang> to rdflang:<lang> does (IMHO) make handling (un)typed
>> and language classified literals a lot more more straightforward.
>> --- Jan
> Originaly, I was in favour of datatypes for languages but two points
> caused me to change my mind. Datatyping does not seem to add anything
> but does make text harder to work with.
> 1/ You have to either have to deconstruct the URI string or dereference
> the URI to get the language:
> "foo"^^ex:xyz .
> is what language? RFC 5046 is about a common set of names for languages
> and it exists now.

What is a datatype-for-language would be fully defined by the RDF spec. 
That is, we would not have to deconstruct the URI rdf:lang-fr to know 
it's the lang tag "fr" because the spec would tell you that the URI 
rdf:lang-fr denotes the set of pairs {(sss,"fr") | sss \in String}. Just 
like you don't have to deconstruct the URI rdf:_1337 to understand that 
it is a container membership property, even if rdf:_1337 is not 
explicitly mentioned in the spec.

> What if it is later found that:
> ex:xyz owl:sameAs rdflang:lang-en .

The same that happens when we found that:

ex:xyz owl:sameAs xsd:string .

that is, nothing, as far as RDF is concerned.

> 2/ Language tags are indications of what to display to people, not the
> "value" so datatyping at the language level does not help very much:
> "à la carte"@en
> makes perfect sense in English.

It helps as much as language tags can help. I don't see how it is in any 
way a counter argument to datatypes-for-languages.

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