Learning about JSON-LD

Hi folks,

I had an action[1] from today's telecon to provide an update on where we
are with JSON-LD and what you could read to bring yourself up to speed
before the discussion next week on JSON and RDF.


 * We have 4 fairly complete implementations in JavaScript, PHP, Python
   and C++. We have implementations in the works for Ruby and Erlang.
 * The spec is roughly 90% feature-complete, and 70% - 80% editorially
   complete based on the initial requirements that we had for the spec.

Reading for Next Week

You don't need to read the entire spec to get a good idea about what
JSON-LD is about. Just reading the first 40% of the spec should be
enough. The latest editors draft is available here:


These are the important sections to cover before the call:

1. Introduction
2. Design
3. Basic Concepts
4. Advanced Concepts

There is a live-parsing website that you can use to try out JSON-LD:


To get started, there are six buttons along the top for each of the
examples. You can also type valid JSON-LD into the input box and the
display at the bottom will update live. So, if some part of the spec
doesn't make sense to you, just type it out in the JSON-LD playground
and you'll be able to see the output.

-- manu

[1] http://www.w3.org/2011/rdf-wg/track/actions/74 [ACTION-74]

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