Re: RDF* and conjectures

Am 21. September 2021 16:02:04 MESZ schrieb James Anderson <>:
>> On 2021-09-21, at 15:21:11, thomas lörtsch <> wrote:
>> Just query the above example for graphs that have been created before 2020 (and imagine I hadn’t been so sloppy but bothered to use properly datatyped date values in the example). You’ll get <> as a result although the graph has been created "just now", not before the year 2020.
>given this dataset content
>   <> :created "53 b.c." , 
>                    "just now" . 
>i understand the intent to have been to express both "just now" and "53 b.c.".
>for which your described result would be correct.

The result was of course correct or SPARQL would be quite buggy. But it was not the result I wanted and I can't get the result I want because the IRI <> is used to refer to two different things simultaneously. 

>what do i misunderstand?

I was asking for the graph, not the city, but since they are both identified by the same IRI it's not possible to disambiguate annotations on the graph from those on the city (or its website).

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