Moving to standard track?

Hi all,

TL;DR: I propose we discuss the move to standard track during our next 
call (Friday 2021-05-07, 3pm UTC)

I had a discussion on Monday with Ivan Herman and a number of other 
people from the W3C team. I told them that my goal was to wait until we 
polish the CG report and get more implementation reports to initiate the 
chartering process. The encouraged me, instead, to not wait and start 
right now. Their arguments were the following:

* the process of drafting a charter, getting it approved by W3C, and 
starting the working group, can be long; so we'd better start it now, 
and continue our CG work in parallel;

* the charter will of course cite our CG report as an input for the 
future WG; waiting for that report to be more mature may give the 
impression that we expect the WG to merely rubber stamp the work that we 
have done, and this is not what WGs are for (and thus, giving this 
impression may antagonize some W3C members).

A consequence of the latter point, which Ivan and others emphasized, is 
that we must be prepared to accept that the WG make some changes 
(possibly significant ones) to our spec. That is, of course, if the 
participants of the WG think it is the best way to go. If we are not 
ready for that, we should probably stop at the CG-report.

I propose we discuss this during our next call. I'll send the agenda soon.


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