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> Note that from that perspective, I don't see any incompatibility between Anthony's or Fabio's proposals and the "Hitler was not all bad" example you gave (quoted below). Their proposal does not change the "raw semantics" of quoted triples, which still fall on the "unasserted" side of the base RDF semantics, hence are not endorsed by default. But they add some vocabulary-specific rule, e.g. "if a quoted statement has start date before now and end date after now (and no other constraint) then add assert that statement".

Er... yes. 

In general the idea is: in abstract, constraints do not assert. Temporal, location, or provenance constraints (or any of the other types of constraints) prevent the affected triple to be asserted. 

But, locally and temporarily, an application could say: right now, I'll assume that I trust John Smith (and therefore assume as true - i.e., assert - all triples coming from him), I'll assume that we are talking about France (and therefore assume as true - i.e., assert - all triples constrained to France) and I'll assume that we are talking about the year 1810 (and therefore assume as true - i.e., assert - all triples that have 1810 within their temporal interval). Thus I can safely assert "Napoleon is emperor".  

> (I see another problem with Anthony and Fabio's proposal, and that's precisely the fact that they seem to need default values for the contextual properties... but that's another side of the discussion)

I do not see what makes you think this. A non-constrained triple is not constrained, i.e., flatly asserted as a very normal RDF triple. For instance, the temporal information about a non-temporally-constrained triple is NOT KNOWN, not "from the beginning of the universe to the end of the universe". There is no need for a default, we simply go back to absolute RDF triples as we usually do. 




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