Re: Annotation syntax [was: SPARQL* test suite]

> Yes, I think so and apologies if I didn't communicate this clearly.
> The point here is to *add* an alternative short cut so that instead of
>     :bob :age 23 .
>     <<:bob :age 23>> :certainty 0.9 .
> we can simply (alternatively) write
>    :bob :age 23 {| :certainty 0.9 |} .
> This would serve as syntactic sugar for the (common) use case of both
> asserting and annotating a triple, while still allowing free-standing
> annotations. The short cut will not only make files significantly shorter,
> but also make editing more user-friendly. The cost is for implementers
> though, who would have to cover an additional case (both in parser and
> serializer).

Thanks for clarifying  - in that case I think it's actually a very good
idea. The main issue I see with supporting it is in the serialization side,
which will be tricky to do for any streaming writer. However, we could
support that kind of thing under the moniker of "pretty printing", which is
already something that requires buffering anyway.

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