Re: Welcome to the RDF*/SPARQL* mailing list

My name is Thomas Lörtsch.

I’m a CS Master student, but not so young anymore. I have been interested in Knowledge Representation on the web with Topic Maps and later RDF since about 20 years.

The lack of meta modelling facilities in RDF - it’s inability to speak about itself in a semantically sound and syntactically concise way - has bugged me all that time. Therefor I’m interested in any approach towards that end. I do however have doubts that RDF* and SPARQL* are the adequate and final solution to this issue as they have some serious limitations. Some of those can be addressed, some are inherent in the design of RDF* and have to be weighed against the benefits, some are probably out of reach of RDF* but rather problems in RDF itself. I would like to see RDF* integrated into RDF in a way that benefits from its strenghts but also leaves the door open for more powerful and involved solutions.

I’m looking forward to some interesting discussions. So far I have no practical experience with standardization work and if there is something that I can help with I would consider that a nice chance to pimp my skill set.


Received on Tuesday, 9 July 2019 15:39:42 UTC