Re: formal objection to early cutoff of test submissions

On 2/05/2017 1:50, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
> Two tests were submitted that examine the behaviour of SHACL implementations
> of pre-binding.  Pre-binding underlies all of SHACL-SPARQL so it is vitally
> important for SHACL-SPARQL both that pre-binding have a suitable definition
> and that implementations correctly implement pre-binding.  The working group
> approved changes to the definition of pre-binding on 26 April 2017 and the
> tests were submitted on 28 April 2017.  These tests replaced previous tests
> to examine the behaviour of SHACL implementations of pre-binding that had
> become irrelevant because of the change to pre-binding.  These tests were
> not accepted.

I assume you are referring to

The claim that this pull request has not been accepted is misleading, 
and using it to justify a formal objection is incorrect. These tests are 
still in the pipeline because we are trying to determine which 
additional cases of SPARQL (e.g. VALUES) we should disallow. Once we 
make the decision, the tests are almost certainly becoming obsolete. I 
had asked for your input on whether you can find similar tests without 
VALUES, but you have not responded yet. Your assessment may prevent a 
longish back-and-forth on this issue.


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