Comments and questions on SHACL


   - In the example shapes graph at,
   "sh:nodeKind ex:IRI ;" should be "sh:nodeKind sh:IRI ;"
   - In, I would
   find it useful to be able to express sh:order also on Shapes and not only
   PropertyConstraints, in order to display an ordered list of Shapes;
   - I have a doubt about the best way to express the equivalent of a
   "domain" contraint in SHACL, that is : "given a property :p, I want to make
   sure that all X that are subjects of :p have class C". Given that I have
   defined one Shape per Class in my ontology, can I express this without
   redefining an extra shape and keeping only one Shape per class ?



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Received on Tuesday, 3 January 2017 14:21:30 UTC