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Re: vote for supporting "closed shapes"

From: Irene Polikoff <irene@topquadrant.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 11:58:20 -0400
To: Erik Wilde <dret@berkeley.edu>, <public-rdf-shapes@w3.org>
CC: Iovka Boneva <iovka.boneva@univ-lille1.fr>
Message-ID: <D15FDD76.3255B%irene@topquadrant.com>
It looks like there is some confusion around whether this discussion is
about requirements for the future RDF Data Shapes (SHACL) standard or
about ShEx and its variants:

Iovka is talking about a ShEx or, possibly, one of its variants.

Erik, I believe, is wanting to support a requirement for SHACL. Further
complicating the matter is that Erik deferred in his requirement
description to the recently published (outside of the working group) ShEx

Since RDF Data Shapes (SHACL) working group has now published its first
public draft of the Requirements and Use Cases deliverable, I believe it
would be best to make SHACL requirements contribuitions in a form of the
review comments for this document. This would help to eliminate confusion.


Irene Polikoff

On 4/24/15, 11:21 AM, "Erik Wilde" <dret@berkeley.edu> wrote:

>>If my guesses are right, then all this can be easily handled by shape
>>expressions (and their bag semantics). Note that closed shapes are also
>if all of this is already part of the requirements, then i think that's
>excellent. i started this thread because arnaud told me that this
>feature was not yet part of the requirements.
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