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* Gray, Alasdair J G <> [2014-03-06 12:27+0000]
> Eric hello.
> At SWAT4LS in Edinburgh you sold me on the use of Shape Expressions for validating the content of an RDF file against a specification of what it should contain.
> I spent a bit of time throwing together a validator for the HCLS dataset descriptions activity. You can find the current prototype at
> Note that this is out of sync with the document requirements.

Very cool! If you're going to use the library, I'm happy to discuss modularization and release engineering et al. Also, it could make sense to move it off to github. Would that be conspicuously helpful, or just a nice thing I should get around to?

> Today, I tried to use the validator to test a turtle file and found that the ShEx scripts do not accept standard turtle. All of the prefix declarations need to have the ‘@‘ sign ripped out. Is this something that you plan to fix?

Hmm, I originally only implemented the new syntax from the RDF 1.1 Turtle spec <> (I was in a hurry). I think I added support for "@prefix foo: <bar> ." a while ago. Did you copy TurtleParser.js that far back?

<> shows it working now. The grammar for the old (n3) form is case-sensitive and requires a trailing '.'.

> Also, are other implementations of the scripts available for use within a backend (server side) validator?

I plan to update my C++ version (but it's part of SWObjects) and I know that Jose Emilio Labra Gayo is working on a Scala version. Jesse, do you have one as well?

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