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RDF.rb update to correct 1.9.3 crash

From: Gregg Kellogg <gregg@greggkellogg.net>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 18:52:39 -0400
To: "public-rdf-ruby@w3.org" <public-rdf-ruby@w3.org>
Message-ID: <1F374A52-9EC2-4FDF-ABFA-35C939091905@greggkellogg.net>
If any of you were running RDF.rb, or related gems using Ruby 1.9.3 and experienced segmentation faults, I released an update to the gem to address this.

If you note any stability problems on this, or other releases, please raise an issue someplace in http://github.com/ruby-rdf/ or send feedback to this list.

Also, I'm starting to create GhPages for these projects, so you can look at http://ruby-rdf.github.com/rdf, for example.

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