Re: embed RDFa --> embed coolness into Yahoo search results

Ian Hickson wrote:
> If you think my dad will understand the above answers then you are wildly 
> more optimistic than I am.

Assuming your dad is not an HTML expert, did your dad come up with the
deviously built examples? It would be good if we stuck to one audience
at a time.

> Either. From the point of view of authors there is no difference.

>From the point of view of an author who's no HTML expert, just copy and
paste the markup they give you. That's the point, right?

I think it would be nice if a wizard of sorts could create the markup
for you, and I'll make the suggestion to them, that would certainly help.

> Are you sure? Yahoo certainly seem this confused. Even their examples have 
> errors (e.g. one gives details about video.swf but them embeds game.swf -- 

That's a typo which they've confirmed and are already in the process of

> and their tool doesn't care, you can change it to talking about a URL on a 
> totally different page and it'll still give the exact same result).

Which test case are you referring to?

> So when Digg says:
> <img src="/environment/Climate_change_makes_us_boiled_frogs_says_Prince_Charles/t.jpg" 
>      ...
>      rel="foaf:thumbnail" 
>      resource="/environment/Climate_change_makes_us_boiled_frogs_says_Prince_Charles/t.jpg" 
>    />
>'s not an error?

Indeed it is, that must have happened in a recent upgrade, I'll be sure
to talk to them.

I wish you spent half as much time trying to understand the useful
aspects of RDFa as you do trying to break it :)


Received on Tuesday, 17 March 2009 20:49:34 UTC