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Re: Interesting blog: "Online retail : How Best Buy is using Semantic Technology to define a new trend"

From: Mani Kumar <mani@slideshare.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 21:42:31 +0530
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Absolutely awesome.

This is what everyone (i think) must be waiting for, to persuade  
higher management in a company to produce semantic data.

Now people can not say there is no benefit in generating semantic data.

No more questions like following will be raised:
* We are not going to invest our resources into something which  
doesn't have direct impact on company's growth.

Thanks for sharing and kudos to Jay and Nick.

Mani Kumar

On 11-Dec-09, at 8:41 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:

> Ivan Herman wrote:
>> [[[
>> GoodRelations + RDFa improved the rank of the respective pages in  
>> Google
>> tremendously.
>> Jay also reported a 30 % percent (!) increase in traffic on the  
>> BestBuy
>> stores pages,
>> Yahoo observes a 15% increase in the Click-through-Rate (CTR). Nick  
>> Cox
>> from Yahoo also recently reported that augmented search results, e.g.
>> those with GoodRelations / RDFa in Yahoo get a 15 % higher
>> Click-through-Rate
>> ]]] (Jay Myers, Lead Web Development Engineer for Best Buy, Co.,  
>> Inc.,)
> This is huge! I don't think that we can underscore the importance of
> this finding enough when speaking about the practical reasons for
> /immediately/ adopting RDFa, especially in commerce.
> This is hard evidence that marking up the semantic information in a  
> web
> page has had a direct and measurable impact on a company's bottom  
> line.
> Semwebers have been postulating this for years, but now there is hard
> data to back up the claim.
> Hats off to Jay Myers (Best Buy) and Nick Cox (Yahoo!) for doing an
> absolutely bang up job implementing RDFa and presenting their  
> findings!
> -- manu
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