Re: extra comments on test cases

Mark Birbeck wrote:
> Hi Ivan,
>> again, please to dot argue with me:-).
> Why not? :) You are saying that there is an open issue, when there
> isn't. With whom else should I have a discourse? :)

With Ben, who has not agreed yet with the test case, and not with me who 
submitted a test case that is in line with what you argue for!

>> Let us make it simple: the group
>> has to approve that test case. It hasn't yet.
> Fine. But that's no different to any other test case.

Most of the test cases that I submitted last week have been, afaik, 
agreed on; only two have raised issues in the group and are, hence, 
undecided. This is one of the two.


> Regards,
> Mark


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