better support for bnodes

I was tasked with sending a complete example of the bnode support issue,
as described by Ivan Herman. The issue is: how can we make it easier to
represent this in RDFa? Currently, we would have to name the bnodes
uniquely, which somewhat defeats the purpose of the bnode in the first

Here is the turtle example:

:DJDKWBDADIH05 a bibtex:Article;
    bibtex:title "Do you see what I mean?";
    bibtex:author (
	    foaf:name "David J Duke".
	    foaf:name "Ken W Brodlie".
	    foaf:name "David J Duce".
	    foaf:name "Ivan Herman".
    bibtex:journal [
	  bibtex:name "IEEE Computer Graphics & Application"
    bibtex:volume "25";
    bibtex:number "3";
    bibtex:date [
	  bibtex:year "2005";
	  bibtex:month "3";
    bibtex:page [
          bibtex:startPage "6";
	  bibtex:endPage "9".


Received on Sunday, 1 October 2006 18:18:18 UTC