, a GRDDL implementation based on redland and xsltproc

""" -- GRDDL client implementation

  python output.rdf output.rdf http://.../input.html
  python output.rdf output.rdf http://.../input input-copy

  to glean RDF statements as per transformations in input
  and write them to output.rdf.

  input-copy.html is an option local copy of the input document.

 GRDDL Data Views: Getting Started, Learning More
 Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (GRDDL)


TODO: peeking-into-profile-docs (working; need to update reference docs)
TODO: general XML support
TODO: peeking-into-namespace docs
TODO: better command-line arg parsing/ordering

ISSUE: I'd rather use pipes than temp files,
 but spawn() is more secure than popen()
 since it allows args to be parsed individually
 rather than as one command string to be parsed
 again by a shell.

LICENSE: Open Source: Share and Enjoy.

GRDDL Workspace:

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More on why I wrote it separately...

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