RE: convert rdf or owl into yaml

Does tying YAML-LD to the JSON-LD model mean that it inherits limitations from JSON concerning the scope of the graph structures that can be represented?
Is this more limited than RDF?

Is there a more general ‘YAML-RDF’, of which YAML-LD is a profile?

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The draft YAML-LD spec can be found here:

There are outstanding items, but the CG has reached a pretty stable place with this.

It’s intended to closely align with JSON-LD, so the same algorithms are available, and you can mix and match JSON and YAML formats.

So far, I think mine is the only implementation

Gregg Kellogg

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Hi Joy Lix,

There's something brewing in the JSON-LD group:



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Folks, Are  there any tools or methods to convert rdf into yaml format files?

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